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Learn how to copy handwritten text to your mobile or computer right away

If there is something handwritten in a picture, it is a little difficult to copy it directly to the mobile. But you can do this very easily with Google's own application Google Lens. This will save your typing time as well as accurately copy the text. Here we will show you how to copy handwriting using Google Lens.

How to copy handwritten text using Google Lens:

• First open the Google application on your phone.
• Then tap the Update button.
• Here you will find the Google Lens button next to the mic button.
Tap on that button.

• Now you will get a camera that you can click on any handwritten text.
• Now select the text that needs to be copied.
• Now tap on Copy Text or Copy to Computer button.

• Now if you want to copy to computer then select your computer from that list.
• Then if you are logged in to your computer with that Google account, you will receive a message.
• Your text will be written completely in that message. Now paste it in the place of your choice.
• And if you do it on mobile, then by clicking the copy text button, the text will be copied to your mobile.

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