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Windows 10 users should be careful, hackers can delete important files without knowing it

If you use Windows 10 operating system on your computer then you have a lot to worry about. According to a report, there is a big problem in Windows 10 operating system. For this reason, you should update your computer to Windows 10 as soon as possible. Taking advantage of this problem, hackers can hack any computer working on Windows 10 and delete its files.

This Windows version had 16 issues-

Microsoft recently released a new update that fixes 100 issues with Windows 10. Of these, 16 problems were identified as extremely serious. According to the report, the two biggest problems were Microsoft Color Management and the Windows Media Foundation. Hackers could take advantage of this problem in the system to view and alter files on anyone's computer. They could also install any virus program on the system of their choice.

সমস্ত All fraud is done through viral websites-

This problem causes hackers to create a new Windows 10 account on your system. Due to this problem in Microsoft Color Management, experts say that it allows any hacker to attack any user's computer depending on the Internet. And he was forced to open that viral website. As soon as this website is opened, the virus reaches the user system and all the user information falls into the hands of hackers.

Fake link sent via email or message-

In the case of such fraud, the user is sent a fake link via email or message. This link provides a URL that, as soon as the URL is clicked, the user is redirected to a virus-ridden website. And if you use Windows 10, this problem will be more common, because there is a problem with Microsoft color correction in this version of Windows. Not only that, if you do not click on that link, then the fraudsters will force you to click on that link by sending repeated messages or emails.

Some problems have been fixed-

The company on Tuesday unveiled a security patch that fixes various issues with Internet Explorer, EdgeHTML, Cycle Core and SharePoint. Fraudsters gain access to all files on your device due to a SharePoint issue.

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