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This time you will get a full charge battery at the Indian Oil pump, good news for electric car drivers

One important step after another is being taken between the government and the companies to increase the circulation of electric vehicles in India. Last year, the Indian government reduced the GST on eBike and e-car batteries from 12% to 5% to increase the readiness of electric cars and bikes in the country. As a result, the price of electric vehicles has come down. This time the country's largest marketing company Indian Oil and electric vehicles have made a big announcement. Today in this report we are going to discuss the announcements that electric vehicle users need to know.

Fully charged batteries are available at petrol pumps:

As per the announcement of Indian Oil, customers will also get the facility of full charge battery at the company's petrol pump. In simple terms, e-vehicle users will now be able to install full-charge batteries in their vehicles at Indian Oil stations, just as customers used to refuel their cars. This decision is known as Instant Battery Recharge.

What to do at Quick Interchange Station:

Customers have to go to Quick Interchange Station with their own electric vehicle. There the customer can take a full charge battery instead of his own discharged battery. It is said that this quick interchange station will be able to change 3-4 batteries. Whenever the customer takes a full charge battery, the bill will be prepared at the station immediately.

Sun Mobility Collaboration:

Sun Mobilit Company is going to cooperate with Indian Oil for the preparation of Quick Interchange Station. According to company chairman Sanjib Singh, the quick interchange station will be the first to be launched in Chandigarh. He added that since then, there has been talk of building 20 stations across the country.

Starting from these cities:

According to the company's plan, the station will be first set up in New Delhi, Gurugram, Chandigarh, Amritsar and Bangalore. Then this system will be gradually spread across the country.

The reason for such a decision is:

According to Indian Oil, the plan is for the convenience of customers who use electric vehicles. Customers have to face many problems when the battery runs out. As a result, it is not possible to take e-vehicles far. The company further said that they think this will greatly increase the demand for electric vehicles in the country, which will help to revive the country's economic situation.

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