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Biometric verification is now added to the more secure Google Chrome, Auto-fill option


Ordinary people are often warned against various scams, malware etc. For one thing, fraudsters invent new ways to steal data or passwords from Internet users. This time around, however, Google has stepped in to protect users' information and make online transactions easier.

You know that the Chrome browser's auto-fill option stores user information, passwords, and financial information. To protect the information saved in this auto-fill option, Google has recently introduced a number of security tools. As a result, from now on, biometric verification has to be done before using online credit card.

Google Chrome has an auto-fill option, but you still have to type the card's CVC number every time you make a transaction. However, with the addition of new features or tools from Google, once you turn on Biometric Authentication, you will need to type in your CVC code, which will be automatically filled in during the next transaction.

The company claims that this feature will protect your card from being stolen or damaged. Because, you don't have to use the card repeatedly for CVC in public. This biometric authentication feature is currently available for Windows and Mac users. But soon it will also come on Android.

Please note that this biometric authentication feature is completely optional, it can be accessed from the settings page of Chrome browser. You need to use your own fingerprint for authentication.

Google Chrome is working on a touch-to-fill-dialog box feature in the browser. If this feature is enabled, you do not need to type username or password separately during form fill-up. This feature will also come soon.

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