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Donald Trump announces ban on TikTok in US


After India, America is also going to be banned. US President Donald Trump has said this in his own words. "We're going to ban TikTok from America," Trump told a news conference recently. An order will be passed by next Saturday and I have that power in my hands as president. " He will be able to pass an executive order according to the president's emergency economic powers, which will ban the TickTock app. He added that he did not like the pairing of Tiktok and Microsoft. It is worth mentioning that the information technology company Microsoft has shown interest in buying Bytedance, the American regulator of Tiktok.

In 2016, the Chinese company Bitdance launched TikTok in the United States and Europe. But now the Tiktok app is being banned in many countries due to China's aggressive attitude and allegations of data theft from people in different countries. The White House will soon ban Chinese company Bitdance's video app TikTok, according to a report. Because under Chinese law, any Chinese company is obliged to give them any information they want from the Chinese government. As a result, the national security of other countries is in question. Trump said he was looking for an alternative to America.

However, according to Tiktok, they are a completely independent company and do not disclose users' confidential information to the Chinese government. Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the Chinese government's foreign ministry, said they view TickTock as a completely independent company.

Earlier, Trump and members of his administration blamed China for spreading the corona virus in the United States and said China should be punished. By banning Tiktok, the US may be trying to inflict that punishment on China. Many, however, say the decision is to protect billions of users in the country. The Chinese TickTock app has repeatedly called into question users' data security. In this case, let's see what the future of the Chinese app is.

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