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Jobs to save the world, 9-year-old Khude applied to NASA


As a child, everyone has some or other dreams about what they want to be when they grow up. Many people think that he will be a police officer, engineer, doctor, IAS officer etc. But the dream of a 9-year-old child in America is to protect the world. That's why at this age the boy applied for a job at the US space agency NASA. Nasa recently announced a job vacancy for the position of Planetary Protection Officer. It is learned that the child has applied for the job along with the big science researchers from all over the world. Nasa authorities have uploaded a picture of the baby's application on their Twitter handle, which is why the matter has come to the notice of everyone.

The American research organization Nasa wrote in its vacancy for the position of Planetary Protection Officer that the job of this officer will be to destroy the micro-organisms that come to the earth from outside the earth i.e. the moon or Mars and to protect the earth from them. This 9 year old boy named Jack Davis applied for this job in the context of this job post.

Although Jack Davis made this application in 2016, now the post of his application has gone viral in the net world. Jack Davis wrote in his application, ‘My name is Jack Davis and I would like to apply for the position of Planetary Protection Officer. Although I am only 9 years old, I think I am suitable for this position. My sister calls you an alien and I've seen almost all alien and space movies. I watched Marvel Agents of the Shield and hopefully I can see the movie in the Men in Black series. I play video games very well. And since I'm very young, I have the ability to think like an alien. '

In response to this letter, Dr. James L Green, Director General of NASA's Planetary Division, wrote a letter to the boy, Jack Davis. He also called Jack. James Green called Jack and told him that he still had a long way to go before he could grow up to be the Guardian of the Galaxy.

Subsequently, the Liberty Life Center in New Jersey, USA announced Jack as the official Kid Science Advisor of Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium.

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