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Apple getting trolled by Samsung for selling iPhone 12 with no charger


The technological battle between Apple and Samsung, two of the world's most popular companies, is not unknown. Both companies try their best to prove themselves. They don't even stop mocking each other sometimes! Apple has launched a new iPhone series in the world market four days ago, and since then the netizens have come under fire from the American company. Even Samsung or its rivals have not stopped making fun of Apple.

In fact, Apple unveiled the long-awaited iPhone series at a special event on October 13th. According to the company, the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro or iPhone 12 Pro Max in this series – no device will be provided with a charger adapter and earpod. Not only that, if you want to buy new batches of iPhone 11, iPhone SE and iPhone XR series, you have to buy those essential accessories separately. Naturally, customers have to spend more than Rs 1,000 to buy them separately. And Apple has been the victim of trolls on social media for this reckless move.

Multiple users, starting to make fun of Apple's move, have created different memes. Apple's biggest rival Samsung has also taken advantage of this situation and has made a lot of jokes about the lack of a charging adapter in the box of the new iPhone.

OurYour #Galaxy does give you what you are looking for. From the most basic as a charger, to the best camera, battery, performance, memory and even 120Hz screen ✌️ on a smartphone. 😎😎

Posted by Samsung on Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Samsung, in a post on its official Facebook account, specifically mentioned that Samsung's Galaxy series of smartphones will be shipping with charging adapters. In other words, if you buy a Galaxy device, you don't have to buy a separate charger adapter. At the same time, the South Korean company has also highlighted the special features of the Galaxy smartphone. Although speculation has already begun, Samsung may not provide a charging adapter with the device from next year. In 2016, when Apple first decided not to provide earphones with the phone, Samsung also sneered. Although later Samsung made the same decision.

However, Apple has not yet responded to all these criticisms. It remains to be seen whether the new iPhone series will continue to be as popular as the previous series.

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