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59 Chinese apps banned in India India has shut down all Chinese software applications. Yes, the government of India has taken such a big step.

Recently, India and China have been at loggerheads over Ladakh. The situation between the two countries' armies became somewhat war-like.

Twenty Indian soldiers were killed. Many people in China died. But the Chinese government has not officially announced how many Chinese soldiers have died.

The people of India are very angry that China is attacking India. They have called for the withdrawal of all China mobile phones and electronic goods letters.

This call has received a great response. People from different states are vandalizing Chinese-made goods on the streets. Every day it is seen that people are creating hatred towards China.

This time the government of India withdrew various software applications from China. These applications have been banned. As a result, you will no longer be able to use this software from India.

Altogether 59 applications have been withdrawn. Important applications include tick tock software. This software called TickTock is used by millions of people in India. The idea of ​​the Indian government is that various Chinese applications are secretly taking information from the people of India.

As a result, this data may later become a security issue. With this in mind, India and China shut down various software.

However, many people think that by shutting down this software, a message is sent to India-China. It is clear that China is not like the old India. This is India but if there is any problem, it will stand up and stand against China.

As a result, from now on, if you buy a mobile phone in a Chinese country, you will not get this software

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