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Use Apple Music for 5 free months, just do it

Use Apple Music for 5 free months, just do it

A few days ago, Google added a search feature to their app that makes it possible to find a song just by humming it, even if you don’t remember the lyrics of the song. By the way, Apple has this kind of app that can tell you what audio songs, movies, commercials, etc. that are playing around you by listening to audio samples. The name of this app is Shazam. Apple users are now going to get a great offer through the Shazam app. In this offer users can get 5 months free subscription of Apple Music. This offer is valid until January 16, 2021. Let’s take a look at the conditions under which you can get a free subscription to Apple Music.

How to get Apple Music subscription

To get a free Apple Music subscription for 5 months, the user must first install the Shazam app. Then you need to use the app to identify a song. If you can recognize the song from the app, Apple Music will have the option to play the song. If you play the song on Apple Music, you will see the offer of 5 months free subscription.

Apple Music Subscription Terms

1. If a user has already used Apple Music, he or she will not receive this offer.
2. User must be a resident of India, Australia, Canada or USA.
3. Offer must be claimed before January 18, 2021.

Thus Apple Music gives all users a trial period of 3 months. There is no charge during this trial. As a result of the new offer, this trial period can be extended for another 2 months. Note that Apple has also announced this offer on Shazam’s App Store page. This offer can also be seen on the settings page of Shazam app.

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